Community Cafe: GMO and Organic Mythbusting

On February 24, we hosted a GMO and Organic foods Mythbusting café.

We wanted to talk more about GMOs, the stigma surrounding them, and whether or not it’s worthwhile to buy organic and GMO products.

A short summary of the presentation:

  • GMOs are actually pretty helpful. They don’t have documented side effects and they don’t hurt beneficial insects. We need them to feed everyone.
  • Organic foods aren’t necessarily better tasting or better for you than non-organic foods. In fact, a lot of the beneficial aspects of organic foods might come from the “halo effect” — you know the food is organic, you know that should be a great thing, and so your perception of the food is enhanced.
  • The best thing you can do is buy fresh, local food. Local food doesn’t have to be shipped far, therefore it leaves less of a carbon footprint. Since the food doesn’t have to be shipped, it’s also picked when it’s ripe (and tasty), versus shipped food that is harvested underripe so it can ripen when traveling. Plus, smaller farms generally don’t have as many outbreaks of diseases or pests.
  • All in all, buy local, buy fresh, and reap the benefits.

We even presented our guests with a taste-test: pitting organic foods against non-organic foods. After a few minutes of chewing and discussion, most people realized they couldn’t tell the difference between organic and non-organic raspberries and cucumbers.

After the presentation was done, our guests stuck around to make a little art and to watch The Princess Bride.

Our guests found this Community Café enlightening, and we’re proud of our members for educating us on GMOs and Organic foods.

We have more fun stuff planned– keep track of our events through our Facebook page and come join us for our next community café!

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