Podcasts & Parties

Podcasts: In a podcast hosted by 3rd Way Collective, a student organization at Penn State, a Houseasaurus friend Mojdeh Motamedi talks about the unique features of cooperative housing. Give it a listen to hear more about Houseasaurus and our position in the community!

Parties: On Friday, March 24, in lieu of a Community Café, Houseasaurus held a party to celebrate our recently gained non-profit status. Chief among the celebrators were State College’s Mayor Elizabeth Goreham as well as representatives from NASCO (North American Students of Cooperation), the Co.Space,  Hearts for Homeless, and the 3rdWay Collective; not to mention plenty of Houseasaurus alumni and other friends of the house.

After officially starting the potluck and gorging ourselves on food, the members and lovers of Central PA Community housing took the opportunity to talk about the importance of a student-run, community-oriented Co-op in Penn State. Although affordable housing might be a deciding factor for some applicants, a cooperative living arrangement offers so much more. As our members and friends talked about what they gained from the Co-op, it became clear that in addition to affordable housing, what many of us have really found is a niche. Houseasaurus offers us a place to be ourselves, to care about the environment, to network and make connections with endlessly fascinating people, and to pursue our passions (be they fashion or politics or activism). The strangers that once made up our home have become our family, and we feel safe, respected, and ready to take on the world.

As we look to the future, the members of Houseasaurus are very interested in securing a house for ourselves. By that, we mean actually buying a house as an organization–this would reduce our rent, give us more freedom to govern ourselves, and ultimately make State College’s first Co-op a little bit stronger. And who knows? Maybe in a few years, we’ll have more and more affordable, student-run housing in our college town.

All in all, a lot of reflecting was done Friday night. We’re proud to be connected with so many hard-working, worthwhile organizations, and we can only hope to continue strengthening our bonds within the community. The future is looking bright for us!

P.S. The photo you see is a sticker drawn by one of our talented House members. If you come by for dinner of a café, see if we have any left–they look great on water bottles and phone cases.

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